The Best Outdoor Dog Beds: Our Top 5 Picks

It’s no secret that many dogs love to be outside in the fresh air. The combination of sounds, smells, and warm sunshine is a wonderland for the senses! But you may need a designated resting area for your pup to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. It’s up to you to find the best outdoor dog bed that suits all your furry friend’s needs!

Allowing your dog to lay on your wooden deck or stone patio isn’t the most comfortable option. Read on to learn about some of the best outdoor dog bed options to keep your pup happy and comfortable!

The Best Outdoor Dog Bed

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot

Budget Option:
Furhaven Water-Resistant Orthopedic Outdoor Dog Bed

Best Cooling Outdoor Dog Bed:
Veehoo Cooling Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed

Best for Traveling:

Best Overall

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products Bolster Dog Cot Cooling Indoor/Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed Hammock with Removable Bolsters, Washable Mesh Cover, Raised Camping Dog Bed for Medium Dogs - Chocolate Medium 25" X 32"

The collapsible K&H Bolster Pet Cot is one of the best outdoor dog beds for cleanliness and versatility.

Its raised design allows your pup to sit and nap comfortably off the hard ground, with a trampoline-like feel. And the seven-inch height will also keep their paws and bodies dry from any ground wetness. They’ll enjoy the dryness, and you won’t have to worry about that wet dog smell!

Your dog will love the mesh design, as it allows proper airflow. This airflow will keep your dog from overheating in the hot weather and block moisture from accumulating. A lack of moisture means there won’t be any mold, mildew, or bacteria issues! That means no funky smells or problems that can make your pup sick.

This is also one of the best outdoor dog beds for ultimate comfort. It has a soft, fluffy bolster that wraps around three sides of the bed. Your pup will enjoy having a squishy place to rest their head while taking in all the sights and smells! The cover and bolster are even machine-washable. So, you can quickly throw them in the washer if you notice any drool or dirt. It’ll be as good as new in no time!


  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • It can repel mold, bacteria, moisture, mildew, and bad smells
  • Removable bolster


  • It’s not the best bed for chewers due to the tempting fluffy bolster
  • The mesh is a little slippery

Budget Option

Furhaven Water-Resistant Orthopedic Outdoor Dog Bed

Furhaven Water-Resistant Orthopedic Dog Bed for Medium/Small Dogs w/ Removable Washable Cover, For Dogs Up to 35 lbs - Indoor/Outdoor Logo Print Oxford Polycanvas Mattress - Stone Gray, Medium

You can still provide your dog with comfort without going over your budget! Furhaven’s bed is for those who want their dog to have the best outdoor dog bed without the hefty price. This dog bed has a water-resistant cover, which is great for accidents, spills, mud, and drool. But if it gets a little too messy, you can hand-wash it to get rid of nasty odors and stains.

It’s also one of the best outdoor dog beds for dogs with joint issues. The bed uses orthopedic foam, which has an egg crate design. It’s the same type of foam that goes into human mattresses. And not only does this design offer airflow, but it soothes your pup’s pressure points. That’s something many dogs need, especially as they get older.

One of the most common joint issues with dogs is osteoarthritis, which causes pain, stiffness, and movement difficulties. Laying on a hard deck, patio, or cement can trigger these symptoms, which can make your dog’s time outside miserable. Orthopedic beds like this may help them nap a little easier outdoors, as it can help reduce pain.

But a comfy bed like this is great for a dog of any age! They’ll feel special as it’s like they have a personal mattress.


  • It’s an orthopedic dog bed
  • Water-resistant cover
  • The egg crate foam design allows airflow


  • Hand-wash only
  • The fabric isn’t good for puppies or excessive chewers, as it can rip

Best Cooling Outdoor Dog Bed

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Portable Raised Pet Cot with Washable & Breathable Mesh, No-Slip Rubber Feet for Indoor & Outdoor Use, X Large, Black

The summer heat can sometimes be unbearable, especially for your fur baby. You want them to enjoy the fresh air, but you don’t want them to overheat. That’s where the Veehoo Cooling Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed comes into play!

It’s the best outdoor dog bed for keeping cool, as it uses a breathable, soft mesh mat. The fabric is sturdy and heat-resistant, so it won’t be hot when your dog goes to lie down. It allows the summer breeze to flow through it, keeping your dog cool in the hot weather. Your fur baby will love the light and airy feeling it offers.

The elevated design will keep your pup dry, clean, and happy as it helps circulate the air beneath him. Although, if your dog does get it wet or dirty, there is no need to worry! You can easily hose off the mesh mat. Or you can throw it in your washing machine if it needs a little more scrubbing!


  • Mesh fabric to improve air circulation and cooling
  • Tear and scratch-resistant
  • High load-bearing capacity, which ensures the bed won’t collapse


  • Difficult assembly
  • It can slide around on smooth surfaces

Best for Traveling


CHEERHUNTING Outdoor Dog Bed, Waterproof, Washable, Large Size, Durable, Water Resistant, Portable and Camping Travel Pet Mat

Do you spend a lot of time traveling or camping? If the answer is yes, you probably won’t have room for a metal-framed or orthopedic bed in your bag. The CHEERHUNTING Outdoor Dog Bed can immediately solve this issue!

This bed is the best outdoor dog bed for all your dog’s napping and sleeping needs while traveling. It’s essentially a dog sleeping bag!

The waterproof cover encases synthetic cotton stuffing to make a fluffy, comfy bed while on the go. It has a puffer jacket look, with seams that separate the bed into sections to keep the filling in place. There are no metal pieces in this bed, allowing you to roll it up and store it quickly. You can stuff it in your bag or even attach it to your backpack as you continue with your trip.

Your pup will love the soft, silky texture, allowing him to enjoy the comforts of home while traveling. And you’ll love that the fabric is waterproof and completely machine-washable! Traveling and camping will bring a lot of dirt and germs to your dog’s bed. Washability is vital when choosing the best outdoor dog bed for traveling!


  • It easily rolls up and fits into a provided drawstring bag
  • The bed is waterproof, durable, and washable
  • No assembly required


  • It’s not recommended for chewers
  • It’s a little thin

HDP Padded Napper Elevated Dog Bed

HDP Elevated Padded Napper Cot Space Saver Pet Bed Color:Red Size:Medium

The HDP Padded Napper Elevated Dog Bed is like a padded hammock for your furry friend! It’s the best outdoor dog bed for pups who like the snuggly, cradled feeling. Providing this bed can aid in making your dog feel safe and happy while enjoying the beautiful weather around them.

Its elevated design keeps your dog off the ground and out of any wet or muddy grass. Their paws and the bed itself will stay dry and clean. The elevated design also allows for a bit of air circulation beneath your dog, keeping warmth to a minimum.

Its padded, water-resistant top provides a pillow-like experience for your pup, which can help keep their joints comfortable. And the cover is washable if it happens to get dirty. Simply remove it and throw it in your washing machine for a thorough clean!

The collapsible design folds up like a camping chair and fits inside a carrying case. This makes carrying and storage easy for you, along with a short set-up time. Your dog can enjoy the relaxing comfort within seconds!


  • It’s padded for added comfort
  • It’s collapsible and comes with a carrying case
  • Anti-rust frame


  • Assembly can be confusing
  • The middle can start dipping after using the bed for a while

Outdoor Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Dog Bed

It’s easy to head to a store or website and throw the first waterproof bed you see into your cart. However, it’s not that simple if you want the bed to last. You should consider size, materials, comfort, and washability before purchasing the best outdoor dog bed for your pup.


How big is your dog? You probably have a general weight in mind. What about their height and length? You may want to compare the exact measurements of the bed and your dog when choosing the best outdoor dog bed.

You’ll want to make sure the longest or largest part of your dog’s body can fit within the bed’s measurements. Ensuring this will allow your dog’s entire body to fit on the bed comfortably.

You don’t want their legs or head excessively hanging off the bed, as this is uncomfortable and can cause pain. If the bed is bigger than your dog, that’s okay. You’ll never want the bed to be too small.

Cover Materials

Always ensure that the bed you’re looking at is for the outdoors. Check the title, description, and the listed materials. The best outdoor dog beds use materials like nylon, mesh, and sometimes polyester. These are either waterproof or water-resistant at a minimum, which is essential in an outdoor dog bed.

You should never bring a bed that uses soft materials like cotton, sherpa, or fleece outside. These materials hold onto dirt, water, bacteria, and mold. Whereas nylon, mesh, and polyester cause water and dirt to roll or get dusted off.


Your pup’s comfort should be at the top of your list when finding the best outdoor dog bed! They won’t bother using it if it isn’t comfortable. Both you and your dog will be unhappy in this scenario.

Comfortable Outdoor Dog Bed

A good way to combat this issue is by opting for an elevated bed or something with orthopedic foam. Both of these options are easy on your dog’s body and promote easy movement. In return, your pup will feel comfortable and will enjoy napping on the bed you bought for them.


Dogs are messy! Drool, dirt, urine, and more are all expected things when owning a fur baby. So, washing your dog’s outdoor bed is a must.

Ideally, the best outdoor dog bed will have a machine-washable cover. You can quickly unzip the cover, throw it in the washer, and go about your day.

However, some outdoor dog beds have covers that can only get hand-washed. This isn’t a bad thing. It merely means that it’ll take a little more time and work to clean. You’ll need to decide if hand-washing is a deal-breaker for you during your search.

Try not to purchase a bed that says you can only spot-clean it. The spot-cleaning method doesn’t get all the germs and bacteria out. It’s also difficult to remove stains this way.

Outdoor Dog Bed Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs need raised outdoor dog beds?

Elevated beds are generally the best outdoor dog beds for your furry friend. That’s because they allow great air circulation and can help relieve pressure points. These types of beds almost act like sturdy hammocks. It’s good for their bodies, and they’ll love the comfort and support that it offers them.

Raised Dog Bed

Are all outdoor dog beds waterproof?

Many of the best outdoor dog beds are typically water-resistant or waterproof. Without this quality, it wouldn’t fall into the category of an outdoor bed.

Your dog will encounter things like mud, dirt, and water while spending time outside. A waterproof material, like nylon or mesh, will be able to stand up to these things. It allows them to drip or slough off. Whereas something like cotton or fleece will absorb them and cause stains.

Do dogs like hard or soft outdoor dog beds?

Dogs will feel their best with a firm outdoor dog bed. Something soft and pillow-like won’t support their bones and joints correctly, which could lead to aches and pains. Firm beds will support their bodies and offer optimal comfort. Moving around will be easier when your pup wants to lie down or get up.

Wrapping Up the Best Outdoor Dog Beds

Allowing your dog to enjoy time outdoors is great for their mood, as they can explore all they want. But they may get tired from all that running around and sniffing.

The best outdoor dog bed for your tired pup is the K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot. It ranks as the overall best option due to its mold and bacteria-repellent properties, comfort, and versatility. You and your dog are sure to love it!

Do you need more dog bed suggestions? Check out our post on The Best Elevated Dog Bed for Your Pooch for more ideas!

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