Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed? Top 8 Reasons

Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed

Do you find yourself asking, “Why does my dog pee on my bed?” Many dog owners have experienced the frustration of finding their bed soaked in urine. One may wonder why their beloved furry friend chooses this particular spot for such an accident. Well, there are several reasons why dogs may pee on their owner’s … Read more

How to Train a Dog to Walk On a Leash

A dog wearing a front-clip harness for leash-walking.

Want your pup to be a leash-walker? Whether your furry friend is young or older, training a dog to walk on a leash isn’t as simple as grabbing a leash and heading out the door. Leash-walking is a skill that your dog has to learn. It requires patience on your part, but you’ll develop a … Read more

How To Potty Train A Dog

A dog who brings their affection, playfulness, and exuberance for life into your family quickly earns a place in everyone’s heart and becomes a beloved family member. Unfortunately though, dogs don’t come pre-programmed to only potty where you want them to. Knowing how to potty train a dog is essential. All dogs need to be … Read more