The Best Dog Exercise Equipment for Your Furry Friend: 8 Great Picks

Having a dog is one of the greatest joys a person can experience. However, sometimes they have more energy than we know how to handle.

Animal exercise equipment is a great way to make sure your dog stays active while having fun. It’s also great for strengthening their mental acuity and creates a fun and new way to spend time with your pet.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect way to exercise your dog, but don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn all about the best dog exercise equipment for your furry friend based on your pet’s needs.

A shepherd breed catching a frisbee. The best dog exercise equipment gets your dog active and mentally stimulated.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Interactive Flirt Pole Toy

Best for Fetchers:
Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster

Best Solo Play:
Self Rolling Ball

Best Budget:
Kong Durable Rubber Frisbee

Best Splurge:
Dog Pacer Treadmill

Best Overall

Interactive Flirt Pole Toy

Interactive Flirt Pole Toy for Dogs Chase and Tug of War,Durable Teaser Wand with Pet Fleece Rope Tether Lure Toy to Outdoor Exercise & Training for Small Medium Large Dogs (Blue/Red, POLE-35 inches)

This Interactive Flirt Pole Toy is an amazing choice for those who want close-range play without having to lift more than a finger (or arm). This is a small type of dog exercise equipment that has a teaser wand with a fleece rope and tether each with unique features that’ll excite your pup.

The flirt pole toy uses the natural prey-drive instinct of a dog and converts it into exercise. Watch how your dog will attempt to catch the lure through jumping, sprinting, and weaving. After using this toy for only about 10-20 minutes, Fido will be exercised and likely tire out.

This isn’t only a great piece of dog exercise equipment but it can also be used for obedience training. It helps teach your dog how to walk alongside you and not run away.

The flirt pole can be used indoors or outdoors and helps promote communication between you and your dog during play.

The toy is also great for keeping your dog entertained for as long as you need. Its rod is said to be indestructible, as it’s made of 304 stainless steel. This means you don’t have to worry about your dog tearing it apart, no matter how strong their tugging skills are.

The toy wand has two sections and is easy to set up. It has a non-slip rubber handle to make sure you can keep up with your dog without hurting your hands. Each piece of this toy is thought-out and well-made to make sure it’ll last.

Best for Fetchers

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster

For the dog that never runs out of energy and loves playing fetch, you need to try this Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster. This piece of dog exercise equipment allows you to easily launch a tennis ball up to 50 feet away. Simply load the tennis ball, pull back the handle, aim, and shoot!

This tennis ball blaster lets you manipulate the shooting distances, allowing you to accommodate any environment. Whether you’re playing with a big dog in a small yard, or a little dog in a big park, this ball is sure to keep your fur kid both active and entertained.

This tool is much more than just a basic piece of dog exercise equipment. It’s also great for keeping their minds active. As your dog chases the ball and brings it back to you, they’ll learn new commands and have the opportunity to bond with you, as well.

The tennis blaster is a great choice for dog exercise equipment for any owner, especially those with joint problems or injuries. It allows you to spend time with and exercise your dog, without having to exhaust yourself. Your dog is guaranteed to love getting to play with this toy for hours on end before tiring out and getting a great night’s sleep.

Best for Solo Play

Self Rolling Ball

GUSSLM 2023 New Upgrade Interactive Dog Ball Toy, Auto Active Rolling Ball for Dogs, Rechargeable Self Rolling Ball Dog Toy with 2 Modes, Motion Activated Remote Control Dog Toys for Dogs - Orange

Although we all love playing fetch with our dogs, sometimes it seems like they’re never going to quit. Oftentimes, this is a problem for people who have busy schedules or need to spend their time elsewhere.

If this sounds like you, fear not! This Automatic Self Rolling Ball is one piece of dog exercise equipment that ensures your pup never has to stop playing!

Not only is it remote-controlled and self-rolling, but it also has color-changing LED lights to keep your pup’s attention and entertain them for hours on end. It has two modes, depending on your dog’s energy levels, and is suitable for wood and tile floors.

This self-rolling ball is made of durable natural silicone to ensure maximum safety for both you and your dog. It’s odorless and non-toxic and has a removable shell for easy cleaning.

Another unique feature of this toy is its motion sensor. When your dog bites or touches the ball, it will automatically continue to move and light up. However, if there’s a period of no interaction, the ball will stop moving for two to three minutes before turning on again to grab your dog’s attention.

This ball is also rechargeable and comes with a wireless remote so you can be in control of playing with your canine companion at any time with the simple push of a button.

Best Budget

Kong Durable Rubber Frisbee

Another great budget-friendly piece of dog exercise equipment is this Kong Durable Rubber Frisbee. Frisbees have been around for quite some time, and they’re a classic for a reason. These toys are easy and fun to use, for both the dog and the owner.

This specific product is made of durable non-toxic rubber that helps give a softer and less painful catch during fetch. The rubber is softer on your pet’s teeth, which helps extend play time. It also makes it safer and more comfortable on their teeth and gums.

The frisbee comes in two sizes, which allows it to be used for small or large dogs. It’s lightweight and flexible to allow dynamic movements that give your dog a challenge while staying active. It also fosters healthy exercise and mental stimulation while playing outdoors which makes it a great pick for your dog exercise equipment needs.

Many reviews highlight the frisbee’s ability to travel long distances, increasing the activity level for your pup and giving them more opportunities to exercise. The reviews also note its durability, and state that this frisbee lasts a while, even for dogs with the toughest bite.

The lightweight technology of this frisbee makes it comfortable for throwing, so you as the owner can enjoy your play time too, without tiring out before your pet. Although it’s meant for being thrown outside, your dog will love this toy so much that they’ll want to carry it around with them at all times!

Best Splurge

Dog Pacer Treadmill

dogPACER 91641 LF 3.1 Full Size Dog Pacer Treadmill, Black and Red

Some dog breeds have more energy than others and need to release this energy in some form of exercise. Not every pet owner has the time or ability to go outside and take their dog for runs or long walks, which is where this Dog Pacer Treadmill comes in handy.

This treadmill is perfect for use indoors, allowing you to keep an eye on your pup while you’re doing other things. It’s easy to assemble and use, which is always a plus when finding the perfect type of dog exercise equipment. Once your dog gets the hang of it, they’ll never want to stop!

Using a dog treadmill will not only give your pet something to do, but it also keeps them at a healthy weight through exercise. It increases safety for owners, as well, as you no longer have to worry about getting your pet moving even when it’s dark outside.

The Dog Pacer Treadmill can hold weight up to 179 pounds and ranges in speed settings from 0.5-7.5 miles per hour with 0.1mph increments. It’s also foldable which makes for easy storage.

Outdoor Dog Agility Obstacle Course

IKARE Dog Agility Training Equipment Pet Obstacle Course Training Starter Kit for Outdoor/Indoor with 70" Tunnel, Adjustable Hurdle, Jumping Ring, Weave Pole, Frisbee, Treat Pouch, Dog Bowl, Pause Box

Last but not least, one of our favorite picks for the best dog exercise equipment is this Outdoor Dog Agility Obstacle Course. In this kit, you’ll find a 70-inch tunnel, adjustable hurdle, jumping hoop, frisbee, and much more.

The obstacle course can be used indoors or outdoors and only takes about 10 minutes to set up. This kit is great for keeping your dog active, as it improves agility and mobility. It’s also an amazing way to train your dog and strengthen their understanding of commands and obedience tasks.

With a treat bag included, you can reward your dog for learning new tricks and being able to make his/her way through the obstacle course. Expressing your love and appreciation for your pet will motivate them to continue to be active and also strengthen their bond with you.

Once your dog gets the hang of the course, they’ll never want to stop. With so many unique activities and exercises that come in this dog exercise equipment kit, your dog is sure to be entertained for hours on end.

Customers who have purchased and used this obstacle course highlight its easy setup and compact storage abilities. Some also say it’s the first time they have been able to “teach an old dog a new trick”. Because it can be used inside or out, your dog never has to stop playing, no matter the weather.

If you’re looking to enhance your dog’s mind, find a new hobby for you to enjoy with your pet, and keep your canine active, this dog agility obstacle course is the right pick for you.

Paw 5 Dog Snuffle Mat

Using dog exercise equipment doesn’t mean you’ll have to play outside all the time. This Snuffle Mat for Dogs is an easy way to keep your dog mentally and physically active during mealtimes. This product comes in a range of sizes making it perfect for any pet.

To use this product, simply sprinkle your dog’s favorite food into the mat when it’s time to eat. The tufts of the mat will allow your dog to spend time sniffing and searching for their food and forces them to slow down their eating.

Not only is it a fun way for your dog to stay busy, but it has a range of overall health benefits. Slowing down your dog’s eating will improve his/her digestion, decrease bloating, and make mealtimes more enjoyable. It is also great for mental stimulation and helps keep your dog busy.

The tufts of the mat mimic grass which will also increase your pet’s affinity for this toy. It’s machine washable, pet safe, and made from cotton fibers. It’s small and easy enough to use in any room of your home and is a great activity for all breeds.

Jolly Pets Push-N-Play

Purchasing dog exercise equipment doesn’t have to break the bank. Designed for constant motion and simple use, the Jolly Pets Push-N-Play is a great way to keep your dog active, even when on a budget. It comes in many different sizes making it customizable for dogs from 10 pounds to over 110 pounds.

This ball can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your space and preferences. It’s also able to float, allowing it to be used both on land and in water.

It’s designed to constantly be in motion and is a favorite for dogs that love chasing, pushing, and herding. Even the most energetic dogs will fall in love with this toy!

The Jolly Pets Push-N-Play is made in the USA and Jolly Pets works hard to ensure that all of its equipment is safe to use. This dog exercise equipment company also proudly supports organizations that donate toys to shelter dogs. So, when you’re purchasing from Jolly Pets, you’re not only helping your pup but so many others!

The Push-N-Play has hundreds of great reviews that highlight its sturdiness and longevity. With a budget-friendly price and sturdiness that will last through even the roughest play days, this ball is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best dog exercise equipment to keep your furry family member active!

Dog Exercise Equipment Buyer’s Guide

A yellow Labrador playing with its owner.

When it comes to exercise equipment for dogs, you want to buy things that keep your pup happy and active. But even more important than that, you want him or her to be safe!

Make sure you take the following into consideration before buying any exercise equipment product for your dog.


Not all products marketed for dogs are meant for every dog. Some are aggressive chewers or are a lot rougher on products than other dogs — this is especially true of large breeds or ones with powerful jaws.

Parts that can be torn, broken, or chewed off pose choking hazards. Or they can cause problems in a dog’s GI tract if swallowed, which means emergency trips to the vet for removal.

Make sure you buy quality products and inspect them for durability. If you meet owners with dogs similar to yours, you can even ask them for recommendations based on their dogs’ experiences.


Have you ever wondered about what’s used to make dog exercise equipment? Particularly ones that are made for chewing?

Phlalates, latex, lead, and BPA are things we as humans want to keep out of our bodies. The same goes for dogs. Read labels and look for the chemical name of the material used to manufacture an exercise product for dogs.

Do some research to make sure it’s not something you wouldn’t put into your own body.


It’s inevitable that your dog’s exercise equipment will become dirty (maybe even gross!) with use, and you’ll need to periodically clean it. Some can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, washing machine, or outside with a garden hose. Others will need to be hand washed or wiped clean.

Read all instructions that come with the product so that you know the recommended clearing method to keep your dog’s exercise equipment neat and tidy.


Two dogs playing at a beach.

Why do dogs need exercise?

For the same reason that we do — to be healthy and to feel good!

You may have heard “tired dogs are good dogs” and there’s a lot of truth to this. Dogs that have too much pent-up energy can be anxious, engage in destructive behaviors and become obese.

Exercising gives your dog an outlet for releasing its energy and keeps them mentally stimulated, too.

Do dogs need exercise equipment?

You can exercise dogs by doing things like taking them along to participate when you exercise (walking, jogging, hiking, swimming, bike-riding, etc). But if you don’t do those things, you’ll need some way to get your dog to be active. and that’s where exercise equipment comes into play.

Exercise equipment should stimulate natural behavior in dogs to run, chase, play, and explore — things that wear them out!

What’s the recommended amount of exercise my dog needs?

While it varies according to age, weight, and breed, a dog should be active for around 30 minutes each day. Walking, running, playing — as long as they’re doing one, or a combination, of these for at least half an hour, they’re getting the average amount of daily exercise a dog needs.

Time to Get Your Furry Friend Moving!

Two dogs playing tug with a toy.

With a busy world and a tight schedule, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with your dog and its exercise needs. Luckily, there are plenty of toys and types of dog exercise equipment out there to keep your pup active, both physically and mentally.

Whether you love to run around with your dog outside, or you’re more of a hands-off indoor player, hopefully, this article has helped you find the exercise equipment that’s right for your dog.

Curious to learn more about other types of dog breeds and how to give your dog the best care? Visit All Paws for all you need to know!

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