The Best Elevated Dog Bed for Your Pooch: Our Top 5 Picks

Most dog lovers treat their furry companions as part of the family, which means, you want anything but the best for them. These elevated dog beds keep your pup nice and comfortable as well as offer some great health benefits.

Here we have composed a list of the top-tier elevated dog beds that your pooch won’t be able to get enough of. Keep reading to see our five top picks and what makes them great!

Best Elevated Dog Bed

Our Top 5 Picks

Best Overall
PETMAKER Elevated Dog Bed

Best Covered
K&H Pet Products Covered Elevated Dog Bed

Best Orthopedic
KOPEKS Elevated Dog Bed With Mattress

Best Luxury
PawHut Raised Wicker Dog House

Best Budget
COOLAROO Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

Best Overall Pup-Approved Pick

PETMAKER Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated Dog Bed – 48x35.5 Portable Bed for Pets with Non-Slip Feet – Indoor/Outdoor Dog Cot or Puppy Bed for Pets up to 110lbs by Petmaker (Gray)

This elevated dog bed is perfect for all breeds, big and small, and can hold upwards of 110 pounds. Made of premium mesh, water-resistant canvas, and powder-coated steel, this dog bed is built to last.

The large mesh panel offers the perfect ventilation to keep your pup cool on a warm summer day, or keep them off the cold pavement in the cooler months. The non-slip rubber feet ensure that your pet won’t slip when jumping in and out of the bed, keeping them nice and safe on any surface.

You can use this elevated bed indoors, outdoors, or both by easily breaking it down within minutes and placing it into its portable, easy-to-carry case.

Caring for this elevated pet bed is simpler than ever. Just use mild dish soap and a garden hose. This bed washes up like a charm if any messes occur which is very probable.


  • Portable.
  • Breathable mesh panel.
  • Water and weatherproof.


  • Dogs may chew through plastic connectors.
  • The mesh may rip after use.

Best Covered Elevated Dog Bed

K&H Pet Products Covered Elevated Dog Bed

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Tent, Portable Dog House, Dog Shade & Weather Shelter, Elevated Cot Dog Bed, Navy Blue, Large 30 X 42 X 32 Inches

Keep your furry friend nice and comfortable with this covered elevated dog bed. Perfect for any breed, this bed can hold up to 200 pounds and is made of premium nylon fabrics for extra durability.

The all-mesh center regulates your dog’s internal temperature during warmer and cooler seasons. The covered canopy is made up of two windows for even more cooling ventilation making it an extra comfy napping space.

The bed cover and canopy can be removed and easily machine washed in case of any messes. And the rest of the frame can be washed with mild soap and water.

The canopy offers a great den-like experience all dogs love, and when used outdoors, it gives pets a place to retreat from the sun’s heat.


  • Removable parts are machine washable.
  • The canopy protects dogs from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Made of premium long lasting nylon fabrics.


  • Canopy fabric can rip while dogs enter and exit.
  • The dog may be afraid to use it if the canopy is attached.
  • Support rods could be stronger.

Best Indoor Elevated Dog Bed

KOPEKS Elevated Dog Bed With Mattress

KOPEKS Elevated Dog Bed for Large Dogs Raised Dog Bed with Dog Mattress & Dog Bed Frame Modern Style - Updated 2023 Version

The elevated design of this luxury pet bed keeps your pup cool, comfortable, and off the hard ground. The powder-coated steel frame is sturdy enough to hold up to 200 pounds, so this bed is suitable for all breeds of dogs and at any stage of life.

This elevated dog bed comes with a comforting mattress wrapped in a water- and weather-resistant mattress cover. You can easily remove the mattress cover for washing.

The classic design matches all home decor, and the minimalist style lets this elevated dog bed blend into your home.


  • Pretty minimalist design.
  • Washable water and weather-resistant mattress cover.
  • It can easily withstand minimal chewing.


  • The mattress could be thicker.
  • No replacement mattress covers are available.

Best Luxury Garden Elevated Dog Bed

PawHut Wicker Dog House

PawHut Wicker Dog House Elevated Raised Rattan Bed for Indoor/Outdoor with Removable Cushion Lounge, Grey

Look no further for the prettiest elevated dog bed to put in your garden space. Perfect to use for medium to small dog breeds, but can easily hold up to 110 pounds with the sturdy design features.

This elevated dog bed has a removable mattress pad lined with a mess-proof cotton blend fabric, so it can be machine washed or wiped away with a wet cloth when dirt and grime happen.

The built-in canopy roof keeps your dog cool by blocking the warm sun rays, and the open sides keep a perfect airflow making your pet chilled and comfortable.

The wicker design will match almost any patio furniture making your dog feel like he has one of the best seats in the house.


  • It matches decor easily.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Keeps pets comfortable outdoors.


  • The mattress doesn’t attach to the bed.
  • Instructions are hard to follow.

Best Budget-Friendly Elevated Dog Bed

COOLAROO Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

COOLAROO The Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Indoor and Outdoor, Medium, Grey

The last thing on your mind when purchasing this dog bed is that it is indeed budget-friendly. The strong construction and well-made premium materials will have anyone thinking they spent a fortune.

Great for medium-sized breeds, this elevated dog bed is made of the best breathable fabric that keeps your pup comfortable all year long. The alloy steel is incredibly strong and will withstand your dog’s weight easily.

Great for indoors and out, the UV-resistant fabric won’t fade after time and can be easily washed with mild soap and a garden hose.

The mesh is fray and tear resistant that stretches and recovers easily. Not only is this dog bed durable it is proven to relieve your furry friends pressure points, making it their new favorite spot in the house.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Difficult to assemble.
  • The dog may chew through the mesh.

A Complete Buyers Guide to Elevated Dog Beds: Nothing but the Best for Your Furry Friend


When looking for the perfect elevated bed for your dog, search for those with premium materials. These beds will last much longer than those made entirely of plastic, cotton-based, or synthetic materials.

When looking for beds for larger dog breeds, consider alloy steel or steel reinforcements, as these materials will keep the bed sturdy and won’t buckle under your pup’s weight.

As for fabrics, nylon is key. Nylon is an extremely durable fabric that can withstand minor chewing and nails that need a trim. Synthetic and cotton fabrics may be cheaper but are prone to rips and tears.

Roofing and Canopies

When searching for outdoor elevated pet beds, you should consider purchasing one with a roof or canopy attached.

Dogs have a harder time than humans regulating their body temperatures in the summer sun. So it is ideal to give them a place to rest and get out of the heat. These beds also give the dogs a sense of security as they feel more safe, like a den experience, and can really fuel those natural instincts.

Easy to Clean

Dogs have a tendency to get into things we humans think they shouldn’t. For example, that muddy creek or the freshly watered garden. So, in short, mud, dirt, and grime happen.

Choose an elevated dog bed that is easy to clean, so after your pooch decides on a nice mud bath, then a nap, cleanup is a breeze.

Waterproof and weatherproof fabrics are a must, and powder-coated steel will allow you to easily wash away all dirt with a garden hose spray without worrying about rust.

Adventure Ready

Finding a portable elevated dog bed is perfect for those dogs and owners who are on the go. Most of these beds are already lightweight and compact, making them a perfect option for those with smaller spaces for their pet’s beds such as those in condos and apartments.

Dog Traveling

Unlike traditional styled bean bag-type dog beds, these elevated beds can fold up in under a minute, and most come with their traveling cases, which is perfect for those pups who travel frequently with their owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an elevated dog bed better for your pup?

Elevated dog beds are much better for your dog than traditional flat mattresses. The elevation keeps your dog off the hot or cold ground and improves air flow to keep them nice and comfortable even on warm days.

These beds also relieve various pressure points that can benefit their joints in the long run. Raised beds are best for dogs with risk factors like hip dysplasia and other joint diseases.

Starting your puppy on an elevated dog bed can reduce any further issues for you and your furry friend in the future.

Are elevated dog beds only beneficial for larger dog breeds?

Elevated dog beds are perfect for all beads of dogs, not only large breeds. No matter the size of your dog, the relaxing pressure point relieving effects of the elevation is benefical for small and large dogs.

Can elevated dog beds be used in the winter?

Absolutely, and they are recommended. Dogs can maintain their body temperatures much better if they are off of the hot or, in this case, cold pavement or ground. Plus, most of these beds are weatherproof and can withstand almost any type of weather.

Are dogs less likely to destroy elevated dog beds?

Less “stuff,” less problems. If you’re a dog owner, you know the fear of walking into your home to see stuffing flying from a traditional pet bed or a much-loved toy.

With elevated dog beds, you can rest assured that you won’t have any stuffing flying around your house. Of course, if your dog is a power chewer by nature, you may need to keep an eye out, but it’s much less likely for your pup to destroy his or her new bed.

Wrapping up our Pup-Approved Elevated Dog Beds

Now is the best time to dive in and purchase your furry friend a new elevated dog bed. Not only are they super beneficial to your dog’s well-being, but they will also save you in the long run.

No more stinky bean bag or stuffed dog beds taking up too much space, replace them with easy-to-clean and more comfortable beds your dog will actually want to sleep on.

After all that napping, your dog will indeed have some extra energy! Check out our top dog exercise equipment to keep Fido or Lady in tip-top shape!

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