What to Expect From Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Is your dog’s fur getting a little smelly and matted? And are their nails looking curled and overgrown? It’s time to take your fur baby to the groomer! But before you call up your local brick-and-mortar grooming salon, maybe you should consider mobile dog grooming.

Finding a way to fit a grooming appointment and travel time into your busy schedule can be a pain. It makes the process a stressful situation, as you’ll often need to rush around. But mobile dog grooming can easily take all this stress away and bring the grooming salon right to your door!

Keep reading to learn what to expect from mobile services to see if it’s right for you and your pup!

A mobile dog grooming services van outside a home.

What is Mobile Dog Grooming?

Mobile dog grooming is essentially a grooming salon squished into a van. It typically has everything you’d find at your local grooming salon. There’s usually a full-sized washing station that fits both small and large breed dogs, along with grooming tables. And the groomer will have every tool needed to get your pup looking back to normal.

The van will park in your driveway, welcome your dog inside, and get right to work on your pup! It’s a much easier and faster process than taking your furry friend to your usual groomer or grooming at home.

What Services Do They Usually Offer?

You’ll often find that mobile dog grooming companies offer the same services as a brick-and-mortar company. The most common services you’ll see include the following:

  • Bathing
  • Brushing and haircuts
  • Nail trims
  • Eye cleanings, which help get the crusty gunk out of the corners of their eyes, along with tear stains.
  • Ear cleanings, which get rid of excess wax and dirt in your dog’s ears to prevent infection.
  • Anal gland expressions (not all groomers offer this)
  • Deshedding treatments, which usually use a specialized shampoo or conditioner to loosen the undercoat.

Depending on the mobile dog grooming company you choose, they may offer other options too. Some offer just the basics, while others might provide more luxury-like services like painting your dog’s nails or breed-specific cuts!

Washing a dog with a handheld shower head.

How Long Does Mobile Dog Grooming Take?

A typical brick-and-mortar grooming company usually has extremely long wait times. This is due to groomers sharing supplies and trying to control multiple dogs at once. And not to mention the messes created in between dogs that need to get cleaned up. Because of all this, it can take up to four hours before you can pick up your dog and go home.

Mobile dog grooming is like a one-room salon. So, there’s only one groomer and one dog in the van at a time. Due to this, there’s no sharing of anything, allowing the process to go faster and smoother. You can expect this type of grooming to take an hour or less, with two hours typically being the maximum.

The exact time frame will depend on the services you choose and how large your dog is. More fur means more work! Prices will also differ due to these two factors.

What Does a Typical Mobile Dog Grooming Session Look Like?

Starting a mobile dog grooming session should be easy, especially if your dog has no problem meeting new people.

The groomer will typically call you or come to your door to chat with you before beginning. You’ll discuss the services you want, the cost, and any concerns you might have. From there, you’ll fill out any necessary paperwork, and the groomer will take your dog to the van. They’ll perform all the services you asked for and bring your clean pup out afterward!

Depending on the company, they may ask for payment after the session, or you might be able to pay online. Keep in mind that anal gland expressions, deshedding treatments, and other non-basic services may cost extra.

If this is your dog’s first time meeting this groomer, you should do an introduction before heading to the van. Allowing your dog to sniff the new stranger and get a few pats will make your pup more comfortable. This isn’t always needed, as some dogs are happy-go-lucky with everyone. But it’s a great precaution to take. New smells and energies can be overwhelming.

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Similar to any other service you receive or purchase, mobile dog grooming comes with some pros and cons. Keep in mind that the cons might not pertain to you depending on your personal situation.


It Saves Time

As mentioned before, sharing supplies can significantly increase the time your dog spends at a brick-and-mortar grooming salon. Oftentimes, there are at least two groomers in the room passing around the same grooming tools.

A dog grooming tools kit.

Sometimes there’s only one bathing station and multiple clients, which holds up the grooming line quite a bit. Checking in for the appointment can take time as well if there are a lot of appointments booked for that day. And once you do check in, your dog will probably have to wait their turn for a while.

Mobile dog grooming eliminates everything above. There are no wait times, supply sharing, or spending money on gas to get to the groomer. Without these factors, your dog can be in and out of the grooming van in no time. And there’s no rushing around to pick up your pup when the groomer finishes, giving you more free time!

It Can Be More Comfortable For Your Pup

Does your dog get anxious or overwhelmed with noises and new smells? Anxiety and stress are prevalent among the canine species! About 72.5% of dogs have some type of anxiety-related issue. The biggest problem tends to be noise, as dogs have heightened senses.

At a typical groomer, your dog will often be around other dogs and sometimes cats. With these other animals in the vicinity, your dog will get introduced to many different noises and smells.

Barking, whining, meowing, blow dryers, nail grinders, and other sounds can be a nightmare for your pup’s ears. And not to mention the smells from people, other animals, grooming products, drool, and sometimes urine. All of this would be enough to drive you crazy too!

However, a mobile dog grooming van provides a much different environment. You can expect a quieter environment with fewer anxiety-inducing triggers. The groomer will be one-on-one with your fur baby. And your dog will be in the familiar domain of your driveway. Familiarity and a more sensory comfortable environment will be much better for your pup, especially if they’re anxious.

Easier Scheduling

Scheduling with a mobile dog grooming service is usually easier than scheduling with brick-and-mortar companies. Mobile services typically work around your schedule, so you don’t need to alter your day to get your pup groomed.

The mobile company will ask what your availability is, and they’ll help you schedule the perfect time for you. Many will also offer extended hours when compared to a brick-and-mortar company. This allows you to schedule an appointment after you get home from work.

Trimming a dog's nails.


It Can Get Expensive

While mobile dog grooming is much more convenient, that convenience comes with a price. Regular grooming salons only charge you for the services you want. Mobile salons will not only charge this, but they typically factor travel expenses into their prices.

The company is using its gas and generators for running water and electricity. And to make money and continue their business, they’ll need to charge you for this. Sometimes this is a set rate worked into their service prices. And other times, the price may depend on how far away you live. They may not charge travel time unless you live outside a specific mileage zone.

Be sure to check out the mobile groomer’s website or call to ask them ahead of time about this. The price often isn’t detrimentally higher than a brick-and-mortar place. But it can put a small dent in your wallet if you weren’t planning on the added expense.

Location Issues

Do you live in a busy city or a quiet, rural area that’s miles away from the nearest store? Your home’s location can influence your grooming options!

Naturally, if you live in a more remote area, a whole list of services will be unavailable to you. This can include grocery delivery, food delivery, exterminators, and even mobile dog grooming services. Unavailability is often because the company’s home base is too far from your home.

The farther the distance, the more the company has to pay for gas. One far-away appointment also affects the rest of the appointments for that day, as travel time will increase. Driving out to a far location just isn’t cost-effective for the company.

Mobile dog grooming companies will usually provide a mileage zone that they work within. Before you book your appointment, you should ensure you fall within that zone. If you can book online, the website might even let you know if services are unavailable in your area.

Wrapping Up Mobile Dog Grooming Expectations

Closeup of a mobile dog grooming services van.

If you’re tired of grooming your pup or driving to a groomer, mobile dog grooming is an excellent choice! While it can be a little expensive, it will definitely make the entire grooming process more convenient for you. And your dog will enjoy the laid-back environment!

Use these expectations and pros and cons to help you decide if it’s time to switch to mobile dog grooming.

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