All About Terripoo Dogs: Is This the Best Small Mixed Breed for You?

The terripoo dog is a plucky little pup is an apartment dweller’s dream. Combining the affectionate nature of both the miniature poodle and the Australian terrier, as well as their hypoallergenic hair types, the terripoo also makes a great pet for those with dog allergies.

terripoo dog

The Australian terrier looks like a slightly larger and more rugged yorkie with wiry hair. And the mini poodle brings either a white or black coat into the mix. The combination of this pair results in a wide variety of appearances for terripoos, which sometimes are mistaken for other breeds.

How to Train Terripoos

Both Australian terriers and miniature poodles are ranked on the high end of trainable by the AKC. They’re both highly intelligent and have a strong eagerness to please wired into their systems. This level of intelligence does come with a higher need for exercise and mental stimulation, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

When training your terripoo, remember that they want to learn. They want that treat and the praise for doing a good job. If they don’t respond the way you want, it’s likely not because they’re stubborn. It could be that they simply don’t understand what you want, or that you’re not offering enough incentive for them to do something particularly unpleasant.

If they may not understand you, consider whether the command word you’re using is too similar to another word, which may be confusing them. You could also try breaking the behavior down into smaller pieces that you can later combine, such as training to sit, then lay down, then roll over, instead of trying to go right into “roll over.”

All dogs respond better to positive reinforcement than to negative punishment. This means that praise and treats will get you better results than shouting, spanking, or using a shock collar. Attempt to train with positive reinforcement for as long as possible and only resort to negative punishment if you have exhausted all other options.

Training a terripoo dog

These dogs learn quickly, but you will need some patience while you learn how to train them, especially if this is your first time training a dog in a while or ever. And be aware that both parent breeds tend to do a lot of barking, which may not be reduced much with training.

For potty training terripoo dogs of all ages, check out our Dog Potty Training article for a comprehensive guide.

Terripoo Dogs with Kids and Other Dogs

Good news for those of you who are considering adding a terripoo to your family – terripoos are excellent with kids and other furbabies! The AKC ranks both parent breeds at the top of the “good with young children” section, and at a 3/5 with other dogs.

Terripoo dog playing with kids

Keep in mind that all dogs are different, regardless of breed tendencies, and whatever a dog was exposed to before coming into your life could cause it to act differently than others of the same breed. So be sure to supervise your terripoo’s interactions with your children and other dogs closely at first.

A terripoo puppy could be a good choice because you can train it right from the start and it will grow up knowing you and your kids and other dogs as its family from the beginning. Shelter dogs can also make excellent pets, too.

Terripoo Dog Exercise and Space Requirements

Because of the terripoo’s small stature (ten to fifteen inches, ten to twenty pounds), they are perfect for apartment life. They thrive in a smaller environment than what would be necessary for larger breeds. But remember that high intelligence and energy level? These dogs don’t do well with boredom. If your terripoo gets bored, it may break into the trashcan, force itself through the cat door, or tear up a pillow just for something to do.

You can help to prevent these desperate attempts for mental stimulation by walking your dog at least once a day and providing lots of toys, including foraging/puzzle toys. These kinds of toys usually have a treat or peanut butter or even just some bits of regular kibble hidden in them, and the dog must figure out how to get to the treat in order to enjoy it. These toys are great for entertaining your terripoo.

Terripoo dog enjoying the backyard

If you happen to have a fenced-in backyard where your terripoo can run around to burn off some more energy, that’s a great bonus, but not required.

The Best Food for Terripoos

the type and amount of food you feed your terripoo are important for his or her long-term health. Here are some tips for choosing a high-quality food.

The Puppy Stage

Puppy food can be a bit more complicated for large breed dogs because of the health problems they are prone to due to their extreme size. Fortunately, that won’t be a problem for your terripoo. For the puppy stage, you’ll need a small breed puppy food.

To determine the amount to feed, flip the bag over and look at the chart on the back. There should be a recommendation for how much food to feed by either your dog’s age or weight. Make sure you check the chart every week as the amount may increase as your puppy grows.

The Adult Stage

The adult stage is the longest part of your terripoo’s life, which could span from ten to eighteen years. The better the food he or she is on during those adult years, the longer he or she is likely to live without health problems.

There are lots of special foods for adult dogs who have developed certain health problems, but for a normal, healthy adult dog, you should be looking for a regular adult small breed food. For adult foods to help with certain health problems like weight loss or bladder stones, consult your vet.

It’s very important that you take a look at that feeding chart again on the back of your adult dog food bag and feed according to your dog’s weight as it recommends. If it says “one cup per day” and you want to feed your dog once in the morning and once at night, make sure to split that into one-half cup twice a day and not a whole cup twice a day. Avoiding obesity in your dog will help him or her stay happy and healthy for longer and will keep weight-related health problems at bay.

Terripoo dog eating

The Senior Stage

Senior dogs tend to have a harder time keeping weight on, and they may be a bit weaker, slower, and develop arthritis. A good senior food will be stocked with extra nutrients to help your dog stay comfortable and content in his or her old age. You can also support your dog’s joints with an arthritis supplement. However, if you see your dog limping or suspect that it is in pain even after a week or two on the arthritis supplement, take your dog to your vet to see if he or she needs a stronger pain medicine to be comfortable.

Because of the rich nutrients in senior dog food, pregnant and lactating females may also benefit from eating it temporarily. A pregnant dog’s body will pull nutrients from her own bones and tissues for the puppies if she’s not eating enough nutrients on her own, which could cause all kinds of health problems. To keep her and her puppies happy and healthy, if you can’t find a food specifically for pregnant or lactating females, offer her some extra-nutritious senior food during this life stage. You can also provide prenatal and postnatal supplements for your female terripoo.

Terripoo Grooming Requirements

Terripoos could end up with wiry hair, curly hair, or some kind of mix based on the hair types of their parent breeds. The good news is, both hair types are continuously growing, which means they basically don’t shed. They may or may not require some daily to weekly brushing, depending on the hair type, and they will probably need to be groomed with clippers periodically to keep the hair from growing unmanageably long.

Terripoo dog grooming

The Best Climate for Terripoos

Because of their small bodies, the cold can get to them more quickly than larger breeds. But fortunately, they do have a thick coat to keep them warm. If your terripoo will be spending time in the snow or other cold-weather circumstances, you can provide him or her with a dog coat and booties to help keep them extra warm.

Extreme heat could cause dehydration and possibly worse damage if your terripoo is exposed for too long. Never leave your terripoo in a hot car unsupervised and always provide shade and a water bowl if he or she will be outside for a while. For travel purposes, carry a portable dog bottle/bowl so that you can keep your terripoo hydrated.

Common Health Problems for Terripoos

Dental Disease

Unfortunately, all small dog breeds are prone to dental disease. This could be due to the fact that their teeth are closer together than the teeth of large breeds, providing lots of prime real estate for plaque and tartar to build up undisturbed. The fact that small breeds like terripoos tend to live twice as long as larger breeds, meaning more time for build-up, could also be a contributing factor.

If you notice that your dog has particularly horrendous breath, has lost a tooth, or starts having trouble eating normally, dental disease could be the culprit. Make an appointment to see your vet and they will probably recommend a dental procedure to clean the teeth. This allows them to thoroughly clean and descale your dog’s teeth while he or she is asleep, so your terripoo won’t feel any stress.

poodle dental disease

Dental sticks like greenies won’t eliminate the need for a dental procedure, but they might help your dog naturally keep their teeth cleaner and enable you to go longer in between dental cleanings.


Another problem small dogs are prone to because they tend to live longer is cancer. You may see a bump form on your dog’s skin that could be benign or could be cancerous. There are also varieties of cancer that you can’t see that affect your dog’s organs. The best way to combat this particular health problem is to take your dog to the vet sooner rather than later if they start acting like something is wrong or if you notice a lump.


Cataracts are a thickening of fibers in the eye, and they look like a foggy circle in the middle of your dog’s eye. There are surgical procedures to remove cataracts, but dogs usually learn to live with them pretty well. If your dog develops cataracts, try to keep the furniture in your home in the same place and avoid leaving packages and other tripping hazards on the floor.

The Shedding and Drooling Tendencies of Terripoos

Terripoos don’t tend to shed, making them an excellent hypoallergenic choice for those dog lovers with allergies. And for further good news, they also don’t tend to drool. You might see a little when you’re pouring their food, but thankfully this is a breed that doesn’t require you to keep a towel on hand at all times.

Happy Terripoo

The Ideal Terripoo Dog Owner

The ideal terripoo dog owner may live in an apartment or a house and has time to walk their terripoo and/or play with them at least once a day to satisfy their energetic nature. A terripoo will make a loving addition to their family of young kids, senior relatives, and/or other furbabies.

While you’re researching small mixed breeds, consider the Affenhuahua as well.

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