The Importance of Dog Dental Cleaning for Oral Health

Brushing a dog's teeth.

Have you ever been snuggling your dog, gotten a kiss from them, and thought… “Oof, that smells terrible”? Listen, we’ve all been there. Dogs have notoriously nasty breath. However, did you know that this normalized stink could actually be a sign of some pretty serious dental disease. That’s right—dogs can suffer from dental disease too! … Read more

9 Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Senior Dogs

A senior-aged dog.

If your dog is getting into their senior years it’s important that their diets are adjusted to fit their evolving needs. There are so many benefits to feeding your senior dogs homemade dog food, including the ability to customize their diet specifically for their individual needs. When making your pet’s food right in your own … Read more

17 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes You Can Make

Making homemade dog treats.

Homemade dog treat recipes are easy to make, you’ll know exactly what’s in them, and your pup is sure to love them. They’re hard to resist with tasty flavors like peanut butter, bacon, and banana (plus others). Keep reading to find some delicious dog treat recipe ideas to try out in the kitchen with your pup!

What to Expect From Mobile Dog Grooming Services

A mobile dog grooming van outside a home.

Finding a way to fit a grooming appointment and travel time into your busy schedule can be a pain. It makes the process a stressful situation, as you’ll often need to rush around. But mobile dog grooming can easily take all this stress away and bring the grooming salon right to your door!

How to Train a Dog to Walk On a Leash

A dog wearing a front-clip harness for leash-walking.

Want your pup to be a leash-walker? Whether your furry friend is young or older, training a dog to walk on a leash isn’t as simple as grabbing a leash and heading out the door. Leash-walking is a skill that your dog has to learn. It requires patience on your part, but you’ll develop a … Read more