All About the Akita Chow

Akita Chow

The Akita Chow is an intriguing mixed breed dog, resulting from the cross between an Akita Inu and a Chow Chow. These large, independent, and loyal dogs boast some of the best traits from both of their parent breeds, making them an attractive choice for many dog enthusiasts. With an imposing stature and a dense, … Read more

All About the Jackshund


The Jackshund, also known as the Jackweenie, is a unique designer dog breed resulting from crossing the energetic Jack Russell Terrier with the clever Dachshund. Combining the lively nature of the Jack Russell Terrier with the affectionate demeanor of the Dachshund, the Jackshund boasts a big personality in a compact package. If you’re a dog … Read more

All About the Gollie


The Gollie dog breed, a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Collie, has gained popularity for its attractive blend of intelligence, obedient nature, and wonderful temperament. With the energetic, playful disposition of a Golden Retriever and the cleverness of a Collie, these dogs make excellent family companions, offering the best of both worlds to … Read more

The 3 Benefits of Dog Hydrotherapy for Health and Wellness

Dog Hydrotherapy

Dog hydrotherapy is a new method in canine physical therapy, offering numerous benefits for our furry friends. This form of physical therapy utilizes the properties of water, such as buoyancy, viscosity, and resistance, to help rehabilitate, exercise, and provide relief for dogs with various health conditions. It has been recognized for its potential to improve … Read more

Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed? Top 8 Reasons

Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed

Do you find yourself asking, “Why does my dog pee on my bed?” Many dog owners have experienced the frustration of finding their bed soaked in urine. One may wonder why their beloved furry friend chooses this particular spot for such an accident. Well, there are several reasons why dogs may pee on their owner’s … Read more